Redbull Collective Art project

I just found the video documentation of the redbull collective art project that took place in Toronto. |Awesome!

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A street gallery, a collectiveshare: Outstart

This is the video documentation of the OUTSTART exhibition project from Mina Karslioglu. The artist planned to create a open air trade based exhibition for her own work. And I think its very inspirational. Not to mention a great point to look at collective share.

Royalty free archive footages

hello people, this week I want to talk to you about royalty free data which I believe very essential for collective creating processes. Lots of artists around the world base their artworks to raw archives. It can be a foley sample for a sound designer, snare samples for a composer, a digital photography for an editorial designer or even some painters are known to base their paintings to previous photographs created by others. That was one of the first things our teacher told us during our graphic design education: “creativity comes from research and inspiration from seeing examples, sitting on a chair and thinking by yourself can’t get you far”. But of course there is a serious issue in this reach to other people’s work. It is the copyright in other words royalty issue. We can’t just go and take someone else’s videography for example and add a title then claims as ours. That’s why royalty free archives are created for. As long as we are not using them commercially(it can even change depends on the royalty status-you can even by them) we can base our works on the archives with being fair and doing enough contribution of course.

We know we have lots of websites for audio data-bases and we all are familiar withe stock photos, the one I want to mention is an archive for stock videos. Including amateur shootings of live performances, movie studio archives, Tv show data-bases, commercials from 70s; everything you can think of in a royalty free form. When I was doing my undergraduate, I took a class called “conceptual videography”. One of our projects was to create completely different context&meaning from raw videos by editing prelinger archives. It was very fun, I created a made up form of a birth documentary as if it was a supernatural event and ADR it.  I am really tempted to use the archives for the demonstration video of the “collectiveshare” project. I think an artwork doesn’t have to be created in a whole but can be made coherent with a patchwork approach, which is what I really imagine it will be in our collective works. Because all our meanings in a medium are so different, why restrain it rather than using?

here is the link:

and a funny little piece of pre-linger archive video from 50’s:D

Case: xurban_collective

This week I want to talk about another collective art project, xurban _collective i just came across with. The project was founded in 2000 by two contemporary Turkish artists, Guven Incirlioglu and Hakan Topal as a transatlantic collaboration because one was in Izmir,Turkey the other was in New York. The project focused on contemporary issues in social, political and territorial conflicts such as military confinement, state violance, urban segregation and new global immigration patterns. Not only the project focused on comtemporary urban issues, in my interpretation by choosing an overseas collective method they made a reference to contemporary networking issues & invented ways of productivity in global&local matters, keeping the subjects contextual of course. Which might be my biggest challenge while trying to establish “collectiveshare”

And I was specifically interested after this line:

The terms collective and cooperative need to be clearly distinguished from “collaborations” of individuals who work together to realize a specific project, as in film or architectural production. In the same regard, a collective is not a “community”. The basis of any collectivity is actual participation to a variety of degrees, an activity is only possible when members are together and propelling things forward. This is different from any club membership or belonging to a hobby group or an artist utilizing (claiming to be a collaboration) other artists… Here our aim is not to mystify, or naively radicalize collectivity itself. We think that like any form of artistic production, the outcome of a collective has to be checked and critically engaged.“(,Retrived Nov6,2014)

The collective’s work was exhibited in several private exhibitions and Biennales. Such as the Venice Biennale, the Istanbul Biennial, PS1/MoMA (New York), Apexart (New York), Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (Vienna), Kunst-Werke (Berlin), ZKM Center for Art and Media (Karlsruhe, Germany), Pratt Institute Manhattan Gallery (New York), and National Contemporary Art Museum (Athens). The works themselves, even though excessed to digital mediums, in the end found their physical forms in exhibitions.

It might be interesting to check the project out:


Xurban_collective . (n.d.). Retrieved November 6, 2014.

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